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07 Jul 2011
The Kusnik Award for 2011
The Ceramic Arts Association of Western Australia has announced that Ian Dowling is this year's recipient of the Kusnik Award for ceramics. Ian's porcelain sculptural forms Embedment 1 and 2 won the annual award with a cash prize of $1500 at the association's recent selective exhibition at Heathcote Art Gallery in the City of Melville.

The Kusnik award is given to an artist who has an intimate understanding of the medium in which he or she is working.

Ian Dowling said his winning work was part of a series of pieces based on contemplating connections between geology, as history of the earth, and archaeology, as history of life, particularly human activity. "In a way these pieces are imagined enlarged shards containing records of the rock forms and the existence of life
forms, ” he said. "The evidence of life forms may be fossils or they may be embedded ceramic pieces trapped in the sediment.”

He said the embedded fragments/fossils and the rock surfaces imbued a unique origin of place. "The rock surfaces are imprinted from latex copies of actual rocks. The carved surfaces and the rhythmic patterned embedments are derived from my style over the last ten years. The staining of the surface of the carved porcelain is achieved by spraying each mineral from a different direction: iron one way then copper/strontium from the other. On the ridged carving this means the surface colour slightly changes depending on the direction it is seen, ” said Dowling.

View the exhibition at Heathcote Museum and Gallery, Duncraig Rd, Applecross until 14 August 2011. More

04 Nov 2010
Website Upgrade & Overhaul
Our website has now been fully upgraded and renewed. We know you will enjoy the new changes to pages and displays. More

07 Dec 2007 at 5:00pm
Ripple & Swell Begins
With five other Margaret River region artists, Ian Dowling is about to launch the results of a Designing Futures programme developed over the last 18 months. More

18 Nov 2007 at 7:00am
Joondalup Invitation Art Award 2007
Opens to the public 18th Oct to 1st Nov at Lakeside Shopping City, normal hours.
A two panel artwork by Ian Dowling is one of the exhibits this year.

19 Oct 2007 at 3:30pm
Southern Exposure Central TAFE Gallery
A selection of South West artists at Central TAFE gallery, Aberdeen St Perth.
Opens Friday evening 19th Oct, all welcome. More

09 Oct 2007
Perth Art Award 2007
The 2007 Perth Art Award opened on 10th October.
Ian Dowling is one of the 28 Australian artist's presenting work this year.
11th Oct to 11th Nov 2007, Perth Town Hall, cnr Barrack and Hay St Perth.


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